Ep 30: Teardrop tattoos and Britney Spears' unintentionally hilarious instagram with comedian Jaclyn Marfuggi

On this episode of Be Here For A While, comedian, dancer, singer, Britney Spears impersonator, hair-flipper, lover of bolognese pasta, and Rachael's bestie, Jaclyn Marfuggi is back! Rachael and Jaclyn retell the story of how Rachael broke every single safety rule while her cable was being installed (rather, not installed) by a guy with a teardrop tattoo. Their stream of consciousness covers Britney Spears' unintentionally hilarious instagram account, how Rachael avoids conflict, the downfalls of being the sole unmarried adult at family holidays, and an update on Rachael's hand injury. The girls transition into their favorite topic: Food. Finally, we learn how Jaclyn booked her upcoming movie role!