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Ep 15: Rachael roasts her college roommate Dhyani Bella, who coined "WINNING" before Charlie Sheen

Nobody knows Rachael better than her college roommate Dhyani Bella and she's here to get roasted! Dhyani discusses her sordid dating past, living with Rachael's drunk antics, and why "W" stands for "WINNER", not whore. Sugarfish, Ice Cream, and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles pretty much sums up Dhyani's personality completely (and all of those items exist on her rider).

The girls dive into a couple unbelievable stories about why Dhyani's been accused of selective hearing by psycho exes, why she probably shouldn't be dating athletes anymore, and how she is now a cougar. Moral of this podcast: LISTEN.

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